Tips on Trips and Sleepaway or Summer Camps

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Giving Your Kids A Summer to Remember

While the s’mores and campfires do make summer camps fun, camps are definitely more than these. Summer camps provide skills and memories for kids that they will always bring with them.

The question, though, is what these camps are really for. Some parents get their children into camps just so can they do other things apart from watching TV or surfing the Internet. However, American Camp Association's CEO, Peg Smith, declares that camps are excellent ways to impose resiliency and independence on children.

It's healthy to start with day camps, where a sense of separation is already starting to be fostered among children. They're good transitional steps not only for kids, but also for parents, so that both parties may overcome the anxiety that comes with separation. After overcoming this stage, children can already be brought into camps that last for about a week which are sleepaway camps. The right age for when a child is ready to take part in sleepaway camps is also a common inquiry. Experts say they can already deal with separation at 12.

For parents, the most challenging part is choosing a camp that's suitable for your child. The first step, of course, is to do your research on summer camps. As a parent, you should take note of relevant camp information and compare camps with each other so that you can choose which one is right for your child. Talking to directors of different camps will actually be helpful in finding out relevant camp information.

Summer Programs

There are certain factors you should look into while choosing a camp. You should consider a camp's history; for example, how long it's been running. The longer the camp has been around, the more likely it is to be a good camp. Parents should also consider a camp's philosophy and if it fits right into their children's interests. For example, if your daughter is into sports, then get her into a sports camp. If she's into music, there are music camps, too.

Also be vigilant for proofs that a camp focuses on community. For instance, camps that offer scholarship programs are more likely to have a strong spirit of community than those without. Also know about a sleepaway camp's staff by perhaps reading reviews about them, or even better - actually interacting with them.

Do not forget that this is a camp your child will be going into and since it isn't your camp, it is best to select based on their interests. Consider your child's preferences - which camp he or she wants to go to and which activities does he or she want to participate in. Also, since most summer camps have policies against the usage of phones, make sure that there will be an effective communication plan between you and the camp. Ultimately, you should be familiar of the camp's goals and how the activities that they have planned for your child will help achieve these goals.

If you are still unsure about which summer camp you should send your children to - may it be sleepaway or merely day - there are programs that specialize on camp advising, such as Tips on Trips and Camps. So what are you waiting for? Help your children find a camp that's especially for them, help develop their potentials and give them a summer to remember! Visit for more information.


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