The Welding Industry - An Overview

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Welding can be traced as far back as ancient times when items were created by welding lap joints together. With this method of pressure welding, items such as small, circular gold boxes were created. These boxes have their origin from over 2000 years ago and many tools were discovered which were made in approximately 1000 B.C. In the Middle Ages, blacksmithing was developed and iron was fashioned through hammering methods. However not until the 19th century has welding evolved into the current form that we now know it as.

Automatic Welding

During the year 1920, automatic welding was first introduced and it used bare electrode wire which operated on direct current using arc voltage as a base in order to regulate the feed rate. P.O. Nobel of the General Electric Company is known for inventing automatic welding which is still widely used today. The automobile industry used this type of welding heavily to build rear axle housings. Automatic welding was also utilized to build up motor shafts which had become worn down and to build up worn crane wheels.

More recent welding developments

In 1940, C.L. Coffin introduced the concept of welding in a non-oxidizing gas atmosphere. This was the beginning of gas tungsten arc welding. H.M. Hobart also finetuned the concept when he used helium as the gas for shielding. More recently, welding services are being offered using friction welding. This type of welding produces friction heat by using rotational speed and upset pressure. This process is sometimes described as inertia welding.

One of the newest processes to be implemented in the U.K. and other areas of the world is laser welding. With laser welding, a considerable amount of heat is focused on one area and has the potency to easily cut through metals and non metal substances. Laser welding is being increasingly used in automotive metalworking.

Today, welding services  include both automatic and semiautomatic applications for a variety of different uses. Many different industries make use of these services for everyday projects including plumbers, engineers, gate manufacturers, steel fabricators, and even artists.  A professional welding company can deliver exceptional welding services including tips and advice for the beginning welder.

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