Summer Sleep Away Camp Adirondacks New York

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School is out. Now students are looking forward to tons of activities to join during the summer with their families. Some families would opt to go on a summer vacation overseas, others would stick to their homes and look forward to a summer job, while some families are planning to send their children away for a summer camp program. Summer camp is a supervised program packed with activities for children and teenagers. This is conducted during the summer months when students take a long break from school.

Traditionally, when children go on a summer camp it usually takes place in an area where lots of hiking, canoeing, sleepaway camp activities, and campfire outings can be done. This kind of camp would last for a week or sometimes even more. The kind of activity that is planned depends on the goal or theme of each program. Many programs are educational in nature and in fact, there are a wide range of programs that parents and children can choose from. There are now camp programs for music, computers, learning foreign languages, theaters, dancing, and many more. These kinds of programs teach kids to enhance their skill sets and develop them into a much valued talent. It does not necessarily mean that your child has to have knowledge on computers or musical instruments before they get accepted to such programs. This kind of camp actually teaches their campers about the related activities.

What makes sleepaway camp interesting is that they get to have all the fun they want. Mentors see to it that the program they have prepared does not bore its campers or else they might not want to join their program again. During these times, the mentor or the summer camp directors will act as guardians throughout the duration of the program. They must see to it that the safety of their campers is a top priority. Parents are entrusting the care of their children to these mentors. Therefore it should be their responsibility to see to it that no harm will come to the children during such times.

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For first time campers it is usually scary to think of spending several weeks away from their families. Homesickness is common among children. However with the programs enlisted by the mentors, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to adjust in a matter of days.

If you are looking for a summer camp program for your children to get out of New York, NY and visit the beautiful Adirondacks, visit Camp Chateaugay and review the incredible collection of activities and facilities, guaranteed to make sure that your children get to have fun while at the same time learning new skills. Visit them online at and call 1-800-431-1184 for more details.


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