Orchid Island Beach and Golf Club in Vero Beach

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Experience the peaceful culture and inviting allure of Vero Beach

Vero Beach, situated in Florida on the Treasure Coast of the United States, features the most wonderful beaches, entertainment, shopping, spas, hotels and much more. It is a perfect tourist place to spend a peaceful vacation along the coast with great stylish resorts to cater to basic needs. Vero Beach is a small habitat with real estate and housing facilities. There, residents can enjoy an idyllic and peaceful lifestyle in oceanfront homes.

The beach clubs at Vero Beach are the attracting points for tourists. The clubs are the peaceful getaways with the green and mysterious atmosphere surrounding them. There are many beach clubs situated along the shores each having a different aura and appeal to it. Each beach club is equipped with golf facilities, sporting events, oasis spa, dining facility, banquets, yacht club and various other activities. Some of the clubs are privately owned and provide luxurious amenities. For those looking for estate homes in Vero Beach, there are many options to select from.

Arnold Palmer golf course: http://www.orchidislandgolfandbeachclub.com/Course?ssid=198804

The golf clubs are owned by private entrepreneurs or are operated by Indian River County. The clubs feature a lush green environment that is the perfect setting for golf championships and other social events. Each golf club extends for miles throughout the area on either side providing enough space or room for golfers to enjoy the sport. They enhance the surroundings with lakes, pools and hills along the shores. All the golf clubs are open to the public. The architectural charm can be seen in each golf club and beach club. The golf residences have been creatively laid out with estate homes and luxurious oceanfront condos. Apart from providing public, private and semi-private courses, golf instructors make a wonderful addition to the golfing facility.

The Oceanfront homes are the unique features of Florida. There are various styles incorporated into the oceanfront homes. The styles are Barbados, Colonial, Seaside, Tranquillita, modern architectural, the British West Indies style, intracoastal, condos and many more. Orchid Island Beach and Golf Club has unique, luxurious oceanfront condominiums and cottages that provide free maintenance for residents. These homes are not only equipped with beautiful landscaping for great mornings and evenings, but are also well facilitated with swimming pools, golf clubs and lustrous greenery surrounding them. There are six to seven bed apartments with 7 to 11 baths and three half baths.

Purchasing estate homes in Vero Beach is one of the smartest decisions as the real estate value will only increase over time. As one of the most sought after settings, Vero Beach offers idyllic surroundings with elegance and luxury at every corner. For more information about purchasing in the area, visit http://www.orchidislandgolfandbeachclub.com.


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