Island Properties in the Bahamas including Real Estate Rentals

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Explore The Beautiful Abacos Islands for vacation homes and rentals

One of the hidden treasures of the Caribbean is the island of Abaco located just south of Florida. The beautiful Abacos are a popular location for second homes and vacation homes due to their close proximity to the United States. Situated in the sunny and inviting Bahamas, nothing could be more idyllic than owning a beautiful waterfront property where the crime is low and the beaches are plentiful.

Bahamas property for rent:

Finding the perfect location

Looking for homes in Abaco is made much simpler with the assistance of a real estate agent. They will be able to guide you towards the property that best fits your requirements. If you have a large family, you will need more space while a single person may enjoy something a bit more quaint. Regardless of your preferences, a real estate agent can prove indispensable as you choose among the best vacation homes in the Abacos. They will provide little known facts and in depth information about the various communities. With firsthand knowledge and years of experience, your real estate agent will be your best asset for choosing among the many rentals and homes in the area. Some of the communities in Abaco to select from include:

●        Long Beach

●        Schooner Bay

●        Bahama Palm Shores

●        Leisure Lee

●        Lubbers Quarters

●        Treasure Cay

●        & Much More

There is much to see and do in the islands including enjoying the delicious local cooking. The flavors and tastes of the Islands combined with the beautiful scenery make the Abaco region a popular destination for many tourists. However for those looking for something more long term, there are many rentals and homes to choose from. There is everything from expansive five bedroom villas to smaller and cozier two bedrooms.


You can practice scuba diving, surfing, volleyball, swimming and many other sports in Abaco. If you wish to start a new life around the tropical islands of the Bahamas, you should buy or rent a house there. The company with the best offers is Abaco Island Properties Bahamas that has satisfied many customers who have bought amazing houses for competitive prices.

It is not very easy to find a beautiful house in the Bahamas that will not cost a fortune, but Abaco Island Properties Bahamas will help you do it. View available listings at and live the life everybody dreams of by buying a beautiful house on the seaside in the Bahamas!


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