E-Cigarette Mods - What you need to know

Date Added: July 09, 2015 01:10:25 AM
Author: Wayne Ellison
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E-cigarettes are great for relieving stress and assisting people who are trying to cease smoking. However despite its growing popularity, many people are still curious about ECig mods and want to know more. Before you get started, it helps to know the basics of e-cigarette smoking in order to better separate fact from fiction.

What are electronic cigarettes?

E-Cigarettes are battery operated devices that contain liquid nicotine. Liquid nicotine is dissolved in a water based solution and is mixed with propylene glycol. Ecig mods can look like real cigarettes with a brown filter, white tube, and even a tip that glows red. They simulate the feel of smoking tobacco cigarettes without the health concerns associated with tobacco. The liquid nicotine inside produces vapors when lit and they are available in a wide variety of different flavors.

How electronic cigarettes work

When the e-cigarette is lit, it produces a vapor which is why the past time is also referred to as vaping. The battery located within the cigarette heats up the nicotine every time the smoker inhales. The result is a smoky vapor that is produced and the sensation of smoking without actually doing the real thing. E-cigarettes are one of the newest revolutions in the smoking cessation market because they are the only solution that allows the user to feel as though they are actually experiencing the real thing. They have the feeling and sensation that is associated with smoking traditional cigarettes.

What are the benefits

One of the main benefits associated with e-cigarettes is successful smoking cessation. In a recent study, smokers of tobacco cigarettes were able to experience a dramatic reduction in their desire to smoke. In fact 96% of users in an online survey conducted in 2010 claimed that e-cigarettes helped them to quit completely. In addition to aiding with decreasing the urge to smoke, e-cigarettes allow smokers to experienced increased health benefits by cutting down on the amount of cigarettes smoked over an extended period of time. This has been one of the main benefits of e-cigarettes that have helped to spur along their popularity.

When purchasing e-cigarettes, it is important to get them from a reputable supplier. This will ensure that all of the components are high grade and sourced from trusted brands.

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