‘A Life Settlement’ - A New Way To Settle Your Life Insurance Policy

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‘A Life Settlement’ is a company established to purchase life settlements to provide increased options for individuals. Many people don’t know about this option that is a much more lucrative alternative to simply letting the policy lapse or doing a cash surrender which yields only about 10% of the total policy amount. Instead of pursuing these traditional methods, individuals can sell their life insurance policy with the help of  ‘A Life Settlement’ in order to receive between 25% to 30% of the total policy amount. This unique business model is one of the most innovative ways that policyholders can utilize to relieve themselves of their unwanted policies while still getting the most value possible.

About The Company

‘A Life Settlement’ was created by three partners who are parents of young children. Their fresh perspective and high energy approach has yielded a business that is built on first-hand experience. As family oriented individuals, they understand the needs and concerns faced by people who are looking to unburden themselves from a life insurance policy that no longer fills their needs. They have founded the company to fill a gap in the insurance industry by providing a more value packed option for policyholders. The company is U.S. based and strongly believes in dealing locally with other investors and brokers who are based within the U.S. They aim to provide the highest level of service to their customers while delivering a unique platform as a broker between individual policyholders and investors interested in purchasing your policy.

See our About Us page: http://www.alifesettlement.com/about-us

Advantages of choosing ‘A Life Settlement’ for your life insurance sale

There are many advantages to selecting this option for switching insurance carriers or getting rid of an unwanted policy. By far the most obvious advantage is that one can gain a higher cash value rather than doing a typical cash surrender with the existing insurance carrier. Additional benefits of working with ‘A Life Settlement’ include:

●        Working with a local company engenders trust and increases security.

●        Getting the most money back from the sale of your insurance policy.

●        Choosing a family oriented company that understands your goals and needs.

●        Anyone can qualify for this type of settlement.

●        If the price offered does not meet your goals, you can decline the offer.

●        Many investors are willing to purchase your policy at a reasonable price.

●        Working with a broker provides access to a wide range of buyers.

Providing new options & opportunities

Ultimately everyone benefits by having increased options available to them and that is what this company provides. You will be able to choose from many potential investors and select the one that offers the most value. For policyholders considering new options and opportunities for cashing in their existing policies, ‘A Life Settlement’ offers a myriad of possibilities.

Learn more about what they can offer when you visit them online at www.alifesettlement.com.

A Life Settlement
1045 E. Atlantic Avenue #314
Delray Beach, FL 33483



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